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In This Issue - In Person - Community Connection

Community Connection

By Jasmine Almeida | photo by Asia Golsse

When Lindsey Fair and her husband decided to leave Toronto 14 years ago, they each wrote down their top three places to live, with the plan to pull one from a hat. When they realized they had both included Kingston on their lists, the decision was made for them and they’ve been falling in love with the city ever since. “Kingston is an amazing blend of a big city and a small town in one,” says Fair.
In addition to teaching marketing at St. Lawrence College, Fair considers herself a “curious blend of many things,” as she is the creative brain behind a variety of community events, craft fairs, businesses and curricula. In addition to bringing a human side to social media at 14 Theories Web Development, Lindsey spends her time teaching, studying and creating art (glass is her medium of choice).

What brought you to the city:
For my husband, it was sailing, and for me it was the vibrant downtown and the size of city.

Your neighbourhood and your favourite thing about living there:

Living downtown rocks. It’s a mix of urban and tree hugger rolled together in the Skeleton Park neighbourhood.

In one sentence, describe what you do at work:

Develop communities. Whether I’m teaching, con­­sulting or developing new products and revenue streams, it all starts with developing and engaging communities first.

One thing you couldn’t do your job without:
Social media. Twitter is my favourite flavour right now. And a family that supports me.

Upcoming event you’re most looking forward to:
Anything that sells local art always gets me at Christmas. TrendsTalk [Dec. 5]at St.Lawrence College always inspires me… and of course, skating at Market Square.

Books that have most influenced you:

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber — it is like a mantra for entrepreneurs. And The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss — work smart, not long.

Style of art that most speaks to you:
I work with beach glass and encaustic (painting with beeswax). I love the unpredictability of found objects and melted wax. When I buy art I like something with a story, something that helps me relive a memory when I look at it.

Best meal you’ve eaten in the city:
That’s hard. We have the best rest­­aurants in the world in this city. We eat out way too much and eat almost everywhere. The best is probably at Le Chien Noir, most frequently Tango or Woodenheads, a pint from The Duke and breakfast at Windmills. But seriously, my list here would be huge.

Kingston’s best-kept secret is:
Swimming at Kingston Yacht Club.

Kingston needs more:
Well, I think it’s pretty close to perfect, so I’m not sure it needs more of much… maybe bike paths.

Your perfect Saturday in Kingston:
Coffee from any of our amazing coffee shops, a new magazine, a stop at an art show in the park, wine on a patio, sunset sail to watch fireworks from Fort Henry.